proposal for a future

razzle dazzle

great cormorant

tracing places

northern lights

one can see only..


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proposal for a future

live cinema performance; 2 x 16mm filmprojector, 16mm filmloops, various objects; mirrors, prisms, crystals
30 min.
sound by SamaSasha

filminstallation; 4 x 16mm filmprojector, 16 mm filmloops, slide projector, slides, various objects
10 min.

‘Proposal for A Future’is a 16mm film project, which reflects upon what our world will be like in the post anthropocene era.
‘Proposal for a Future’ is an experimental science fiction film project showing an imaginative narrative, in which the viewer finds himself in a constructed space between realities. Naturally and culturally shaped landscapes are explored in order to create a new model for a future. The nature is examined as an almost other worldly landscape focusing on details found in rocks, plants and organisms. In my research I will be making use of the dicussions and ideas around the current state of affairs concerning the effects of human behaviour on the environment. A possible scenario for the times to come will be the main character of this audiovisual exploration. The footage for the project, shot in various places around the globe, on black and white 16mm film are hand processed. The images then are further deconstructed and manipulated in the dark room, by printing and re-printing the material on colour print stock using various colour filters.


video excerpt


video excerpt



Photos by:
Petri Summanen,
Antti Ahonen for AAVE Festival

Kindly supported by:
Arts Promotion Centre
Svenska Kulturfonden