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one can see only what one already has seen

performance for 4 performers; approx. 5 hours
silent filmloop; approx. 10 min., super8
audio-guide; 10 min.

One can see only what one already has seen is a multi-layered work dealing with the basic movements and at the same time complex feelings, that tedium can evoke. Thereby reflecting on this state of being and questioning our perception.

The performance explores both the phenomenon of ennui and the concept of performance. With the aid of an audio-guide the visitor perceives a number of performers and whilst re-negotiating the concept of performance turns into a performer himself. The abstract concept of tedium becomes a person with a face.

The silent filmloop influences our direct point of focus and turns it towards transitory human rhythms.

The newspaper article is a performative text. It takes the reader on a journey into the illusion of the written word whilst at the same time reflecting on this transcendent experience.


video excerpt


visible void




Photos by:
Antti Ahonen

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